The United Kingdom Adhesions Society


Hi everyone,
As you will all have realised the Adhesions Society has been having
problems for sometime, so i thought i would let you all know the
situation so far.

Last year our Tree of Life Book of Stories and our message board was
saturated with spam and porn. No sooner than i had removed the 2000
offending emails from the message board they were all back up again.
While visiting my husband in hospital 4 days a week while having the
strongest chemo, i just couldnt cope with it all and had no choice
but to take down the message board and all your heartbreaking stories.

Up until now we have still had our mailing list which i know from your
posts has been a lifeline to many of you but unfortunately i can no
longer afford to pay the £200 hosting fee that is now due. It is 3 or
4 years since we had a donation so i am looking for a new cheaper
hosting before i can get the site back up and running.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to all those of you who
rely on the site. Please bear with me and I will endeavour to get the
site back up ASAP. Meanwhile if anyone needs any info or an adhesion

In Friendship
Kath Findlay

(c) Copyright 2000 The UK Adhesions Society